Friday, November 2, 2012

My Journey to Your Love

I cautiously put our picture in a frame.

You put a beautiful ring on my finger. I look at it with disbelief, and wonder if I'm in a dream, if such happiness can be mine.

Convinced long ago that happiness, joy and love was not to be mine.  Always watched others' happiness. My own had never been more than a few fleeting moments.  In my loneliness, I lived with a heart broken and a soul bereft of joy.

You entered my world with zeal, life and promise of love everlasting, and I wondered if I should believe.  You warmed my soul with the kindness of your words, and I wondered if I should believe.  You touched my heart with your expressions of love, and I wondered if I should believe.

I wondered if I was going to wake up from this lovely dream. I wondered, I wondered, I wondered.

Slowly, with the passing of each day, your love permeated my being, my heart grew closer to yours, my soul bonded with yours, and my being was immersed in yours. Slowly, You became my heart, you became my love, you became my happiness.  And I believed.

I know now that I am the recipient of a great gift, the gift of your love. Your sweet, patient, giving love is my reason to live.

And to you, my sweet, I promise my everlasting love.

                                                           Dedicated to Steve


Keshmesh said...


And what a wonderful journey it has been!

Reading your prose takes me back to the day you read it to me for the first time.

Gone is the sadness of the past. Those who let you down are like dust in the wind. We release them to their higher good (riddance)and look towards our glorious life and everlasting future together.


Shaa Mim said...

Very nice!